Meet the Staff


Ron Pelkey

Born and raised in the archery community, Ron and his family spent summers hooking on the camper and traveling to archery tournaments, competing in NFAA State, Regional and National competitions. After graduating from Clarkson University, he joined his father at the shop where the part-time hobby had developed into a fulltime business. Ron is certified by USA Archery as a Level III coach, and enjoys the seasonal aspect of the shop, from bowhunting to instructional programs; from young to old; from the beginner to the competitor. His favorite aspect of his job is having the opportunity to share his passion for archery to new archers. Outside of the shop, Ron pursues whitetail deer in the Fall and turkeys in the Spring.


Steve “Duffer” Skeldon

Having built our business as an archery family, we were fortunate to welcome another family member. Duffer, as we like to call him, is an avid sportsman and enjoys a good sense of humor. He grew up in upstate New York where he learned to love hunting, fishing and the outdoors. His work ethic combined with his “customer first” attitude and technical expertise make him a skilled technician as well as a tremendous coach. Duffer is a certified Level II Coach.


John Fleury

Started with us as a JOAD member when he was six years old. He was a competitive JOAD archer until the age of eighteen, when he then attended Saint Michael’s College. With numerous accomplishments as an archer, he brings his tournament expertise as well as his bowhunting knowledge to share. John has traveled internationally to compete as a USA Archery team member, as well as nationally to bow hunt, taking a trophy mule deer in Arizona as well as a giant whitetail in Illinois along with his many Vermont big game animals, including a moose, bear and turkeys. He is a Level IV Coach, the highest ranking USA Archery coach in the state of Vermont, coaching our tournament teams as well as national archery teams. 


Tyler Bruyette

Tyler is an avid outdoorsman who began his archery career as a JOAD student here at the shop. He progressed through the program, first earning a position on the Junior Road Team and shortly after landing a spot on the Road Team. While competing, Tyler showed great technical skills in addition to his shooting abilities. His natural hands on approach made for an easy transition to becoming a highly qualified Sales Technician and a USA Archery Level II Coach. His positive and generous nature make him an asset in the range as a coach and behind the counter as a technician. We are proud to have him as a part of our team!


Owen Maskell

Owen started as a JOAD student at six years old and soon became a mainstay in the range. He was here all the time; always shooting and wanting to learn. Owen is an accomplished archer, competing on our Road Team and traveling to local, regional and national tournaments. He also loves the outdoors, enjoying hunting, fishing, 3D tournaments as well as bowfishing. Owen tackles any and all duties while at the shop including sales, service and instruction. While at the shop, he is able to combine his excellent technical and people skills to make himself a valuable team member. Owen graduated from Potsdam State University and is pursing a career to compliment his degree in Environmental Studies.


Brayden Meigs

Brayden began shooting when he was ten years old after attending an archery birthday party. He joined our youth program and quickly moved up to our tournament teams. Brayden has been a valuable member of our Road Team for several years now, having competed in both indoor and outdoor national tournaments. He began coaching through our JOAD’s mentor program and is a natural fit in the range. His generous and positive nature make for a great coach as well as working with customers. Brayden enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with family and friends when away from the shop.

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